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Helping Kids Soar

Helping Kids Soar

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Direct Instruction (DI) is often used to help students who are struggling academically. DI can be used to accelerate the learning of higher-performing students, too. This 16-minute DVD portrays two schools in different parts of the country that have used DI successfully with all children, including high-performing students: Emerson Elementary in Alliance, Nebraska, and Fickett Elementary in Atlanta, Georgia.

Both schools follow a similar formula for achieving success:

  • All teachers and instructional aides received initial training and ongoing support from the National Institute for Direct Instruction (NIFDI).
  • Students are grouped homogenously and placed to their skill level.
  • Student performance data is reviewed weekly to determine the appropriateness of instruction for all students.
  • Students are allowed to progress at a faster pace and cover advanced content as their performance indicates.

This DVD shows how a careful implementation of Direct Instruction with NIFDI support can help bring out the joy and wonder of reading as it prepares students for advanced content.

There is no charge for this DVD. You can also view this video online for free. Access the video, along with supplemental resources here.

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