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About the Store
In our online store, you will find a wide variety of titles on Direct Instruction – from books Siegfried "Zig" Engelmann has authored to program supplements to titles on research. We offer a number of titles designed to help a variety of audience purposes, including:

  • teachers, coaches, and administrators implementing DI programs in their schools;
  • parents preparing or supporting their children in academic success;
  • researchers in search of theoretical and empirical studies regarding the development, efficacy and implementation of DI.

Please note: With the exception of Direct Instruction Spoken English (DISE), NIFDI does not sell program materials. If you are looking to purchase curriculum, such as Reading Mastery, Connecting Math Concepts, etc., you will want to visit our program pages (click "The Programs" on the menu at the top of your screen) and visit the respective publisher's website.

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Coaching Set: Levels A and B Manuals & Coaching Appendices Booklet

Coaching Set: Levels A and B Manuals & Coaching Appendices Booklet
Coaching Set: Levels A and B Manuals & Coaching Appendices BookletCoaching Set: Levels A and B Manuals & Coaching Appendices BookletCoaching Set: Levels A and B Manuals & Coaching Appendices BookletCoaching Set: Levels A and B Manuals & Coaching Appendices Booklet
$40.00 each


A Direct Instruction implementation is a systemic change in the way teachers instruct students. Teachers need to learn a new set of teaching behaviors that involve presenting from a script, pacing a lesson appropriately, correcting students, teaching students to mastery, reinforcing students, and accelerating students. Professional development and support is a vital component of a successful Direct Instruction implementation. The coach/building coordinator is key to effective staff development. Coaches share responsibility for students being successful by assisting the teacher to achieve a classroom environment where all students are learning.

The National Institute for Direct Instruction’s Coaching Series provides a well-developed coaching model that achieves the following goals:

  • Focuses on the student
  • Trains teachers to achieve student mastery
  • Monitors student mastery
  • Makes the rate and quality of mastery visible
  • Provides schedules and procedures to enable all qualified teachers to achieve mastery
  • Celebrates student academic achievement


This set includes one copy each of:

  • Coaching Level A Manual
  • Coaching Level B Manual
  • Coaching Appendicies Booklet


LEVEL A: Designed for initial training of new coaches with a focus on developing skills in analyzing student performance through written records.

The Level A manual focuses on teaching coaches how to ensure that basic structural elements are in place in the school and to monitor student performance by reviewing written records. Coaches develop skills in identifying problems based on a review of lesson progress data, student mastery data, and independent work scores. Coaches also learn how to work with teachers to solve problems, and follow up after solutions are implemented. As part of the Level A manual, coaches learn the components of how to effectively lead a rehearsal session with a small group of teachers. Key aspects of the structural components of the implementation including materials, physical arrangements in the classroom, scheduling, grouping and placement are addressed.

LEVEL B: A continuation of coaching skills with an emphasis on analyzing student performance through direct observation and increasing delivery skills by planning and facilitating inservices.

Level B expands the skills learned in Level A and develops the coaching skills needed to observe in classrooms and interact with teachers. Training sessions include classroom observations and possible demonstrations of effective teaching. Additionally, the manual provides information and structure for coaches to provide inservice sessions based on needs observed in the classroom.

COACHING APPENDICES: Reference document for use in conjunction with the training series for coaches.

The Coaching Appendices Booklet is a reference manual for use in coordination with the training series for coaches. It contains a 15-page Program Reference Chart that describes the critical components of each of the Direct Instruction programs. The booklet also includes the following practical resources for use in the school:

  • Correction Procedures for Verbal Tasks
  • Part-firming Paradigm
  • Individual Turns
  • Conducting Teacher-Directed Workchecks
  • Interacting with Peers during Training Sessions
  • Five-minute Observations
  • Show-off Lessons
  • Individual Reading Rate and Accuracy Checkouts
  • Planning Inservice Sessions with Small Groups of Teachers
  • Expected Lesson Progress
  • Monitoring Students During Independent Work


A package value of $62.85.

Format: Spiralbound Paperback

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