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As a part of the Excellence in Education Awards evening, NIFDI and McGraw-Hill Education are hosting the first ever Community Direct Instruction Fair. The fair will be an opportunity for participants to "show and tell" about their application of DI.

The format is simple. First, submit the brief application included in the conference brochure. After review, if the application is selected, we will provide a board for you to display up to a 36x36" poster. There will also be a table in front of the display board where handouts or display material can be placed. Then, as people enjoy the social hour, you can share your story of how DI has impacted your school or district.  

Possible topics could include a University program featuring DI teacher prep, a school district showing results attained through DI, a charter school recruitment. Really there is no limit, as long as you can explain through your application how your proposal will be of interest and of benefit to other DI users!

The event will be held Tuesday, July 28th from 5:30-8:00pm at the Hilton Eugene. Download your application today!


For more information about the Eugene conference and other summer trainings, visit us at: 

3rd Annual Southwest DI Conference
June 8-11, 2015 
San Antonio, Texas

41st National Direct Instruction Conference and Institutes
July 27-31, 2015
Eugene, Oregon

Implementing Direct Instruction Successfully

When implemented fully, Direct Instruction (DI) is unparalleled in its ability to improve student performance and enhance students’ self-esteem. In order to implement DI effectively, much more is required than simply purchasing instructional materials. The following two-part tutorial guides administrators, teachers, and coaches through the key features of a successful DI implementation. Part I provides an overview of the steps schools need to take in preparation for a DI implementation before school starts, while Part II provides an overview of the steps schools need to take after school has started.

IMPORTANT: This tutorial is an intensive video series comprised of 18 segments, each followed by a series of questions. Users should allow approximately three hours to watch the videos and complete the questions. NIFDI recognizes the high demand for time placed on school officials and, for this reason, has structured the tutorial so users may stop at any time and later resume where they left off.

Enroll in the tutorial here

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New to Direct Instruction? Watch the Introduction to Direct Instruction Video Series before taking the online tutorial.

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