In-class coaching helps teachers to become master Direct Instruction (DI) teachers. It is intended to improve teachers’ mastery of DI techniques at the same time that it builds teachers’ confidence in their abilities to effect positive changes in student performance. Coaching involves observing teachers instructing groups, providing specific feedback on what was observed, demonstrating parts of lessons, and modeling entire lessons.

NIFDI is now making our coaching expertise available to schools that are not implementing the full NIFDI Model. The focus is on student performance and student behavior. Coaching visits are designed to provide useful feedback to teachers and the building coordinator about what’s working well for students and what needs improvement. NIFDI coaches reinforce what’s working well and ask staff to change only those teaching behaviors that make a difference with children. The orientation of the coaching visits is that learning problems should be solved jointly between the coach and the school.

If you are interested in finding out about how a NIFDI coach can help improve your DI outcomes, send an email to info@nifdi.org! or read a description here.

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