TeachersChangeLivesTeachers Change Lives is an Australia-based podcast. Two recent releases featured Direct Instruction. The first one is about THRIVE Community School, a new charter school in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Co-founders Amy Chacon and Sean Duncan sat down with interviewer Mrs. Angel and talked about their journey from being classroom teachers to having their own school. It is an interesting story and shows their dedication to giving students the education they deserve. Click here to listen to the 40-minute podcast.

The second podcast is an interview with NIFDI President Kurt Engelmann. Kurt talks about his education from elementary to his Ph.D. in Geography. He then details his involvement in writing stories for the early Direct Instruction programs and gaining teaching experience as a tutor at the Engelmann-Becker Corporation. Kurt gives his insights into Project Follow Through, its impact, and his goal of seeing a fully implemented Direct Instruction school. Click here to listen to the 40-minute podcast.

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