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NIFDI Press Publishes New Book by Zig Engelmann

NIFDI Press has recently released Strategies for Teaching Students with Severe and Low-Incidence Disabilities, by Siegfried Engelmann. The book, edited by Caitlin Rasplica Khoury and Jean Stockard, is a revision of Zig's earlier unpublished manuscript, The Low-Performers Manual. The book focuses on working with individuals who may require additional instruction in language-based skills, motor skills and in management of disruptive behavior prior to being taught in a general education setting. Zig describes the book as "useful for understanding how to teach learners that are too low in language for the beginning language program Language for Learning. There are specifications for creating routines that address behaviors as well as instructional content." To order your print or ebook copy, click here.

Newest Video In-Service Released

The NIFDI video in-service library has grown to include How to Correct Signal Violation Errors, the third volume of the Error Corrections Series. The video in-services are designed to support school leaders in charge of managing Direct Instruction (DI) implementations. Through the guidance of the videos, participants will view demonstrations and receive information by expert DI trainers. Participants will also practice the skills being taught and receive feedback from the facilitator, who will follow a facilitator's guide. In addition, these video in-services provide a model for district and building-level coaches, APIs (assistant principals of instruction) or building coordinators on how to sequence examples and focus on critical issues when training, as well as provide activities that promote mastery of the targeted skills.

These video in-services are very affordable ($39.95 each) and include all facilitator and participant material. For ordering information and a complete description of the contents of each in-service, including this latest in-service click here to visit the NIFDI Store.

Veterans of Project Follow Through Gather for Reunion

ProjectFollowThroughVeteransThis year marks the 50th anniversary of the beginning of Project Follow Through. In recognition of the anniversary, twenty-six of the original Direct Instruction Model developers, project directors and trainers gathered in Eugene, Oregon for a reunion. The two-day event was designed so each participant had an opportunity to share how they became involved in the project, what they are currently doing, and reflect on the triumphs and frustrations of being involved in the largest educational experiment in history. Over the course of this year, NIFDI News will feature stories of the people and events that were shared during that reunion. A high point of the meeting was a screening of a 1968 segment from Walter Cronkite's show "21st Century." Click here to view the video. The portion that talks about the Berieter-Engelmann preschool begins at time marker 9:45. We look forward to sharing more with you about the amazing people and events that took place in the early years of Direct Instruction.    

New Direct Instruction Meta-Analysis Published

We are happy to inform you that a new meta-analysis of Direct Instruction research has been recently published by The Review of Education Research.The article, titled The Effectiveness of Direct Instruction Research: A Meta-Analysis of a Half-Century of Research, is authored by Jean Stockard, Tim Wood, Cristy Coughlin and Caitlin Rasplica Khoury and examines the literature published from 1961-2016 on the effectiveness of Direct Instruction. Analyses were based on 318 studies involving 431 study designs and almost 4000 effects. The among the findings, the abstract for the article reports, "All of the estimated effects were positive and all were statistically significant except results from metaregressions involving affective outcomes. Effects showed little decline during maintenance, and effects for academic subjects were greater when students had more exposure to the programs."

This important article can be ordered via Sage Publishing's online request system You may also request additional information from Jean Stockard at her email address, .

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