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Jean Stockard, Professor Emeritus at the University of Oregon and retired Director of Research for NIFDI, recently presented a webinar titled Direct Instruction: Successful Students and TeachersSponsored by the Reading Science Academy, this 30-minute presentation summarizes the book, All Students Can Succeed: A Half Century of Research on the Effectiveness of Direct InstructionThe audience was a group of teacher preparation instructors.

The information provided in the webinar is interesting. Particularly compelling is a table that is discussed at 24:10 in the video. The table shows three columns. The first is current NAEP scores. The second shows how those scores could change if DI were implemented with “average exposure” to DI, based on the meta-analysis. The third column shows the theoretical scores if DI were implemented in an optimal manner. Click here to view the table. Viewers will see that DI, well-implemented, has the potential to have 78% of students at proficient or advanced levels in reading.

We are hopeful that the current groundswell of interest in the science of reading will encourage teacher-educators to examine Direct Instruction as a solution for teacher and student success.

A new addition to our website is the inclusion of student demonstrations of their reading skills. The three videos can be found here. These clips are from students at IDEA Travis Academy in Mission, Texas. Travis uses Reading Mastery Signature Edition in grades k-2 with great success. You can see the confidence and enthusiasm they show in these short interviews/demonstrations. We plan on adding more clips and will let you know as we expand the collection.

Screen Shot 2023 06 01 at 12.21.33 PMOn Friday, May 19th, Travel Lane County, a non-profit organization that promotes tourism in Lane County, recognized Bryan Wickman, NIFDI Outreach Director, for his many years of successfully managing the annual Direct Instruction Conference in Eugene, Oregon. Bryan received the Convention Leadership Award, one of five awards given this year to individuals or organizations that promote travel to Lane County. View a photo of the awardees here and a one-minute video on Bryan and his excellent management of the conference here. To congratulate Bryan on this award, email him at bwickman@nifdi.org or call him at 1-877-485-1973 x147. He richly deserves this recognition!

NIFDI will hold the 49th National Direct Instruction Conference Institutes at the Graduate Hotel in Eugene, Oregon, July 24-28, 2023. The conference includes training on all of the main DI programs.

We are excited to host John Wills Lloyd, Ph.D., as our opening keynote speaker on Tuesday, July 25, 2023. John was a faculty member at the School of Education and Human Development, University of Virginia. He received his Ph.D. in Special Education in 1976 from the University of Oregon. While at the U of O, he studied under Barbara Bateman and spent a lot of time with Siegfried "Zig" Engelmann, creator of DI. John credits them, among others, for giving him the foundation that understanding the needs of all learners, especially those with special needs, is critical for educators. He co-edits the journal Exceptional Children, the flagship publication of The Council for Exceptional Children. He is an excellent speaker and prolific writer. He publishes a newsletter, Special Education Today, which we encourage you to check out.  

In response to participant feedback, the Administrator Leadership Institute has been expanded to 5 full days. We also have brought back the popular pre-conference sessions, including a presentation by Anita Archer based on her book, Explicit Instruction. New sessions include training on Direct Instruction Spoken English, DI and the Science of Reading, Sensible Sequences, and many more!

Click here to view highlights of the conference and what past attendees say about their experience at past conferences.

Mark your calendar now and plan on spending a productive and enjoyable week with our team of expert trainers. To view the schedule, lodging, and cost information, click hereClick here to download the full brochure.

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