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Join veteran trainer Tamara Bressi on February 2 and 3 for NIFDI’s popular academy–Enhanced Coaching and Facilitating Professional Development. This 2-day training at the Hotel Indigo Atlanta Airport equips building and district-level instructional coaches, peer coaches, lead teachers and mentor teachers with critical coaching and support skills.

With effective peer coaching, staff development, and strong leadership, teachers using Direct Instruction will improve dramatically, and students will progress farther and faster than they ever have before

Here is a sampling of topics that will be covered:

  • Refining observational skills
  • Facilitating rehearsal sessions
  • Determining the appropriate intervention
  • Facilitating Data Analysis Team meetings

A description and registration information is available here. You can also contact Bryan Wickman, NIFDI's Outreach Events Coordinator, at 1.877.485.1973 or by email at info@nifdi.org with questions or for more information.

In response to the loss of learning due to a result of the COVID Pandemic, many schools are turning to a variety of intervention models, including before- and after-school tutoring. Direct Instruction programs, particularly Corrective Reading and Corrective Math, are ideal for addressing skill deficits. To assist educators in maximizing the benefits of DI, NIFDI now offers tutoring support.

This support includes:
  • training a testing team who administers in-program assessments;
  • initial training for tutors;
  • follow-up training sessions on essential delivery skills that match the development of the programs used for tutoring children;
  • onsite or virtual coaching of tutors;
  • coaches’ training for supervisors of tutors;
  • data analysis of student performance in the DI programs;
  • weekly management review calls with the supervisor of the tutoring program.

For more information on NIFDI training and support for a tutoring program, including pricing, call 1-877-485-1973 toll-free or email info@nifdi.org. Help ensure that every child in your school or district achieves success this year through an effective Direct Instruction tutoring program with NIFDI support!
Header Chapter LogoThe Reading League, a non-profit organization, recently released a landmark booklet titled The Science of Reading–a Defining Guide. They state their purpose in releasing this document as “Although the scientific evidence base for effective reading has existed for decades, the term 'the science of reading' has gained traction in the last few years, potentially leading to misunderstandings. As a result, we believe that a common definition is useful for the field.” We are hopeful this definition will set the baseline for what effective reading programs must include. Click here to download your copy.

Reading Mastery, from its inception in the 1960s and continuing now, 50 years later, has included all of the features identified as needed to teach literacy to all students. McGraw-Hill Education (MHE) has produced an excellent summary of how Reading Mastery Transformations aligns with the Science of Reading. The document details how the program addresses phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, word analysis, spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension. Click here to download the document.

The Engelmann Foundation was created in 1997. The foundation is dedicated to continuing the legacy of Siegfried "Zig" Engelmann through the support, promotion, and development of educators around the world implementing Direct Instruction with their students.

Over the years, the foundation has distributed 112 grants totaling over $729,000. The Engelmann Foundation offers two grant opportunities: Conference Grants and General Grants. Conference Grants are tailored to provide funds to attend the annual National Direct Instruction Conference hosted by the National Institute for Direct Instruction in Eugene, Oregon, each July. General Grants are designed to support projects, training and development, implementation, and other similar endeavors that utilize Direct Instruction (DI) programs. Both grant application types operate on a twice-yearly schedule. The deadline for submitting grants for the current cycle is December 1st, with the second submission date falling on June 1.

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