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Theory of Instruction Print Text Available for Preorder

A revised edition with updated layout, new introduction from Zig and Doug, and updated subject index of Siegfried Engelmann and Doug Carnine's classic text, Theory of Instruction: Principles and Applications, is available for preorder in the NIFDI Store.

In this book, Engelmann and Carnine describe the theory underlying the development of Direct Instruction curriculums. The authors not only spell out in detail the scientific and logical basis on which their theory is based, but provide a multitude of in-depth descriptions and guidelines for applying this theory to a wide range of curricula.

This book will help the reader understand why the Direct Instruction programs authored by Engelmann and his colleagues have proven uniquely effective with students from all social and economic backgrounds, and how the guidelines based on the theory can be applied to a wide range of instructional challenges, from designing curricula for disadvantaged preschoolers to teaching algebraic concepts to older students.

Participate in our Charter School Questionnaire

The National Institute for Direct Instruction is exploring starting a Direct Instruction Charter School special interest group. Activities of the group may include access to template documents for school formation, sharing of training materials, networking at national and regional conferences, and more. Your responses to this short survey will help us gauge the interest and need for such a group. Please feel free to pass the link to this 9 question survey and look for additional information in upcoming postings in the NIFDI News! Click here to participate in the survey.

Consider Making a Charitable Donation to NIFDI

For 20 years the National Institute for Direct Instruction has supported schools' efforts to give students the best opportunity for success and develop teachers' skills to utilize the finest tools for ensuring that success.

We would like to remind you that donations to NIFDI are tax- deductible. By making your charitable donation to NIFDI, a 501 (c(3)) non-profit organization, you can help us impact the lives of more children.

You can even select the program area(s) you want your donation to support:

  1. Research - Conducting, promoting and disseminating research on Direct Instruction and its implementation.
  2. Training and Coaching - Providing on-site training and coaching to schools, as well as open- registration training events.
  3. Educational Outreach - Offering videos, articles and other tools and materials to promote the effective use of Direct Instruction.

You can donate online or download a donation form by clicking here. If you have questions about donating to NIFDI, contact Bryan Wickman at 877.485.1973 or .

Thank you for your consideration and support!

NIFDI Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary!

The National Institute for Direct Instruction traces its roots back to 1993 and the Accelerated Student Achievement Project (ASAP). ASAP was a joint project between the Engelmann-Becker Corporation, Utah State University, the Utah State Office of Education and 3 Utah school districts. Utilizing experience gained from Project Follow Through, Siegfried Engelmann and his staff implemented and refined what is now referred to as the Comprehensive Direct Instruction Model in 3 Utah schools. When the project ended in 1997, Engelmann wanted schools to continue to have access to high quality implementation services. He founded NIFDI as a non-profit organization, and as they say, the rest is history. NIFDI has worked in 28 US states and territories, and hundreds of schools. Other notable achievements since 1997 include creating the most extensive database of Direct Instruction research available, training hundreds of educators each year in our academies and conferences, and, through NIFDI Press, making many valuable print and video resources available to educators throughout the world.

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