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One of the most important steps a school that is starting to implement DI can take is to contact school leaders who have been successful with DI. Through this contact, new DI practitioners can learn from the experiences of veteran DI practitioners to ensure that their students are also successful with DI. Over the course of 25 years, NIFDI has had the privilege of partnering with schools across the US and in other countries. (Click here for success stories of NIFDI partners.) This month we are featuring two interviews (lasting about 10 minutes) with instructional leaders from the United Kingdom. They share their experiences working with NIFDI and how it has affected the instructional practices of educators they supervise and, in turn, the performance of the students they teach.

In the first video, Nazam Hussain, School Psychologist in Bradford, United Kingdom, describes the implementation of Language for Learning and Reading Mastery in 2 Primary Schools. NIFDI began working in Bradford when Nazam attended the National Direct Instruction Conference in 2019. He was interested in improving the professional development opportunities for teachers beyond what he describes as “one-off presentations that have no effect.” He further describes how NIFDI support is the polar opposite of that type of training. “The thoroughness and robustness of the training was rigorous and professional but sensitive to the individual. The schools like the support, and they are seeing the results.”

The second featured interview is with Robin Shakespeare, Director of Education, Midland Academies Trust based in Nuneaton, United Kingdom. NIFDI began partnering with the Midlands Academy Trust and the UK Direct Instruction Hub in 2018. The Education Endowment Fund was calling for research on improving math skills in students in their secondary schools (US equivalent to 7th-9th grade). The staff had been using DI for several years but had not received formal training. Once we began working together, the Midlands leadership quickly realized the benefits of the NIFDI partnership. As Robin describes, “When you work with NIFDI, you work with a group of people who are professional, passionate and challenging–in the best sense of the word.” To describe the impact of NIFDI support, Robin says, “I would use the word transformational to characterize our relationship with NIFDI.”

Click here to view these short, 10 minute stories.

Are you a skilled Direct Instruction practitioner with at least four years of DI teaching experience? The National Institute for Direct Instruction is looking for qualified applicants to work as Implementation Managers in our partner schools. We currently have openings for implementation support in:

  • Early literacy for K-2
  • Remedial literacy in grades 3-8.

An Implementation Manager (IM) is the primary on-site NIFDI representative for implementing the comprehensive DI model. The IM is assigned to a small number of schools, provides the bulk of on-site coaching, and deals mostly with the technical aspects of classroom instruction, such as student placement and grouping, instructional delivery, and correction procedures. Experience coaching others in DI delivery techniques and analyzing DI program student performance data is preferred, but not required. 

If you would like to take the first steps in exploring an IM position, forward your resume to Christine Wlaschin, Chief Operations Officer for NIFDI at christine@nifdi.org. Please note that this is an independent contractor position. 

NIFDI is once again providing free information on DI to help teachers and school leaders make critical programming decisions that can greatly help student achievement. These two webinars are intended for those with little or no knowledge of Authentic Direct Instruction Programs.

Each session will help you understand the intended audience for each of the Authentic Direct Instruction programs. Use of the programs in general or special education sessions will be highlighted, along with other considerations in program selection. Appropriate sequencing will be featured. Scheduling in terms of time and frequency will also be discussed.

Questions answered will include:
  • What are the differences between the various editions of Reading Mastery? How early can Corrective Reading be used?
  • Is Corrective Reading always the best choice for older students?
  • How does one decide whether to use Corrective Math or Connecting Math Concepts?
  • And much more!

Each of the two sessions will have time for questions and answers. You may also send your questions in advance to info@nifdi.org and we will be sure to answer them.

Attend one or both!
Dates: March 3 and 10, 2021
Time: 8:00am PST / 11:00pm EST / 4:00pm GMT
Click here to register!

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